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A word that many people- (me included, I hasten to add), often try and hide behind, in order to pretend that they couldn't care less about someone or something, when in reality, it's absolutely tearing them apart inside, because they care a lot more than they wish they did and a hell of a lot more than they're willing to admit that they care. This word's often said while fighting back the tears with all the bloody strength you can possibly muster, in my humble experience.
Girl one: "Aww, babe! I'm so sorry you and Ben broke up last night."

Girl two: "Whatever!"
by Joe_Schmuck October 22, 2017

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Cadeba is another use of the word “whatever” or “who cares”. It can be used as a saying meaning simply.. ‘whatever’
Most often used by saying “Whateva cadeba”
Lexi: Did you finish the homework for physics?
Andrew: Ah no, I was busy feeding families
Lexi: Oh that be some cheeks
Andrew: I can definitely just finish it in class, whateva cadeba 🤷🏽 ♂️
by LargestSpoon October 16, 2018

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a cool kid
ryan is cool
by mrrf November 27, 2018

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I don't give a fuck about it anymore, and you can go fuck yourself.
A: I didn't tell you that earlier because I was busy.

B: Whatever
by Already Taken December 16, 2016

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