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Donta is a fine man. And is going to make it some were
Oouu girl look at donta
by Dontaa May 29, 2018

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he sucks at battlefield.He sucks at sports such as football he is terrible.
Nice hands feet dylan
by group work save May 18, 2017

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God spelt backwards
Do you believe in Dog?
by Anusblastingpickleman January 16, 2018

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someone who smokes weed and get naked in public and will throw hands if thy shall want this shade probably someone who will break a bone and a memelord hein hitler
Guy one: hey what’s your name

Ryan: sugma

Guy one:sugma?

Ryan: sugma dick bitch
by king._.me_down November 15, 2018

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A verb used to describe a bilfripian based attack that can inflict great amounts of DPS (damage per second) to gwingies (enemies of bilfripians) and cause confusion or more often blue balls.
Bilfrip the one true bilfripian- I will certainly Sklwonce you fowl gwingies for your heretical Scheme to make whiskus more promiscuisk
by Listen I’m not sure who July 17, 2019

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Demarai is some one who is always there is truthful and caring he knows what to do he does what's right even if he wants to do the wrong thing he is known to be the sweetest kindest person
Demarai is the best person ever.
by GirlySavage February 19, 2017

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