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Donta is a fine man. And is going to make it some were
Oouu girl look at donta
by Dontaa May 29, 2018

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he sucks at battlefield.He sucks at sports such as football he is terrible.
Nice hands feet dylan
by group work save May 18, 2017

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Someone who is so sexy and never cares what people say about her she has many flaws but can slay your life and if you have a Relationship with her you are so lucky don't ever loose what you have in her because if she says she loves you she means it. But although she will get mad sometimes it is easy to make her happy again. So can be mean but she is really truly beautiful, smart, lovable, and actually really smart. Just don't loose her | you will regret it|
"Look it's my girlfriend trinity A'Lise Hendrix
"Wow you are lucky man"
"I know "
by Htyiobdgb August 30, 2017

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Carl can be annoying at times but is extremely cute. He isn’t direct and will experience trouble when he has to express his feelings. He is so shy, but I love Carl.
by I’m not too sure June 30, 2018

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Heard most commonly in the Beyonce song "Drunk in Love", Surfbort is a sexual position where a male lays in the tub with his knees bent. The woman straddles him with her back towards him so she can ride his dick by holding onto his thighs, much like holding onto a surfboard and bobbing through the ocean.
"Fill the tub up half way and ride it with my surfbort but with smurfs."
Just look up surfbort and think smurfs. Didnt allow me to complete this so smurfbort
by Bleepop June 11, 2018

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God spelt backwards
Do you believe in Dog?
by Anusblastingpickleman January 16, 2018

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