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Sometimes used in basketball to say that was a clean ass shot
Wet like water
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by Troquel1221 February 14, 2017

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Where you give her a wet Willy while inserting ur shlong in her pussy
Damn giving Katie a Wild Willy was amazingšŸ˜‰
by Hotrodatron July 01, 2017

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When you're just chillin and you are wet as fuck or suddenly cum in your pants. More or less a salivating vagina.
"I got that bitch last night so wet man. She was straight snailin."
by Linglingpanda December 14, 2017

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Maxamillion is a queer with a gay asp lisp and and tinted glasses. He often sucks cock and uses semen as his milk for his cereal. maxamillion has no athletic talent at all. Therefore; he tries to blow a flute. As you could imagine, he is quite good at it. Maxamillion was very unfortunately named and sounds like he is named after a transformer.
because maxamillion is a fag, he drinks water
by Johny Debt May 09, 2018

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