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A freak of nature who lacks the necessary facial contrast that would otherwise reflect his/her current state of emotion.
Check that no eyebrows mofo! Can't tell whether his happy or wants to stab me... Fuck that freak!
by Eddie Bryan September 15, 2016

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shagofa is a weird girl whos has multiple nicknames shafuckyourself shagogo shagoldfish etc cause its one strange name but shes unique and dont get on her bad side she will love you infinitely but once you break her trust there's no going back shagofa means cherry blossom in Pashto she used to pour coca cola in her pudding when she was five.
such a nice shagofa tree

she was acting like such a shagofa
by rainingwater January 03, 2019

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a weird little man that makes all the transgender quake and shake in their pants
oh my god! It's MACKENZY MCDANIEL the dancing clown!
by HiImAHomosexual November 25, 2017

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Is a weird and sexual person who loves to make out with dogs.
Your such an Olivia Lattuca
by DontBeANayelyArreloa November 17, 2017

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Noun- Another phase for a fucking weirdo.
Guy: Jay is such a fucking meatrune.
by Raccoon2k18 May 07, 2018

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A old weirdo woman from germany who forgets everything and charges you for stuff you didn't do
This lady is a real gundula
by simonthecool February 21, 2019

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Someone who has a boy friend named Christian and does not like chocolate covered strawberries. Which makes her very weird.
Arias is so strange.
by Mimi the miniator June 18, 2018

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