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She's a sweet girl with a beautiful heart.Shes funny and very loud most of the time. Can be a bit moody but usually happy.Popular,likes to prove her point. Not afraid to speak to people. Overall wonderful pretty and loves people.Anopa means God provides.
Anopa means God provides.
by Unknown2890 December 17, 2016

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An expressions used to explain what an odd, weird, and creepy person eats at dinner parties.
Coco was eating that salty meat chicken at the party last night.
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by MCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC February 03, 2018

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Jonina is a girl who is obsessed with unicorns. She and her friend thinks her english teacher sells her precious magecal unicorns to the black market.
jonina is unicorn weird
by hellp\p\\jv9ejvep December 04, 2017

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The definition for a smart 13 year old that is an intense weeb and is addicted to League of Legends. It is typically a male, and is lazy and fat.
I have spotted and eDab!
by Aerodqs December 08, 2017

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SHE is an amazing friend. She's loved by many. She's short and weird. She's talented when it comes to music and loves to have sleepovers with her best friend. She is excited to see that her name is actually in the urban dictionary, referring to a female.
Wow, she's such a gavin
by Goshityoself May 08, 2017

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1.Short, stocky little people with big noses, beards, blue tunics, and red pointy hats.

2.Insulting term for a short person
Do you think brian is a gnome?
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by pill cosby January 06, 2017

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likes to throw chairs at people
someone threw a chair at me they pulled an alex mardell
by alex mardell May 03, 2018

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