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An expressions used to explain what an odd, weird, and creepy person eats at dinner parties.
Coco was eating that salty meat chicken at the party last night.
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by MCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC February 03, 2018

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The definition for a smart 13 year old that is an intense weeb and is addicted to League of Legends. It is typically a male, and is lazy and fat.
I have spotted and eDab!
by Aerodqs December 08, 2017

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Shrimp dick boi who think he cool and has a stuffy nose
Weird boi
Shrimp dick is troy bell
by Tomboygal145 May 15, 2018

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Telling a fuck boy you're up for anything because you feel uncomfortable
I guess I'll do whatever ok. Or I do whatever
by Realname123123 December 11, 2016

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To make a mountain out of a molehill.

Molehill: a small mound of earth thrown up by a mole burrowing near the surface.
Yes, batrachomyomachy is a real word.
by KillAllTheLamps February 19, 2019

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likes to throw chairs at people
someone threw a chair at me they pulled an alex mardell
by alex mardell May 03, 2018

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A short black girl who is Cute, Energetic, Ball of sunshine, Out going, Exciting, Enthusiastic, Bright, Bubbly, Caring to her friend's, Put people before other's... similar to Park Jimin from BTS but also similar to J-Hope from BTS. Make's cheesy as puns. Laugh at her own jokes. AND IS ALWAYS EXTRA!!!!
Omg...Zelisaia why are so extra!!!
Zelisaia your so weird....
Zelisaia: *does something random in public*
Friend: omg here she goes again
by Lili Rose April 12, 2017

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