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Luke Anal is said to be extremely scary. If anyone ever lays a finger on his glasses, he will erupt into an intense rage. If you know any Luke Anals, you will either be friends with them or not...there’s NO middle ground. He enjoys people’s company, if you know what I mean and lives with trees. Other known aliases of Luke Anal are President Trunk and The Mad Rapist. The thing that worries most scientists is that Luke Anal is endangered with only 1 known Luke Anal left on Earth.
ooooooooohhhhhhhhh...It’s a Luke Anal, run! Wait, no....I should stay and have a “fun” time.
by 15-9-14-11 December 06, 2018

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An expressions used to explain what an odd, weird, and creepy person eats at dinner parties.
Coco was eating that salty meat chicken at the party last night.
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by MCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC February 03, 2018

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likes to throw chairs at people
someone threw a chair at me they pulled an alex mardell
by alex mardell May 03, 2018

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An Irish potato farmer who crawls on the floor with depression.
You: “have you ever heard the tales of Matthew the depressed”
Him: “wait... I’m Matthew”
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by TheAllKnowerGuy May 11, 2019

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Another word for a weird person
Guy: Do you want a hug?
Other Guy: Get away from me you frecho!
by frtvgbyhn April 15, 2018

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The definition for a smart 13 year old that is an intense weeb and is addicted to League of Legends. It is typically a male, and is lazy and fat.
I have spotted and eDab!
by Aerodqs December 08, 2017

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Telling a fuck boy you're up for anything because you feel uncomfortable
I guess I'll do whatever ok. Or I do whatever
by Realname123123 December 11, 2016

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