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A fantastic idea one would have while under the effect of marijuana.
Dude, I just had an awesome highdea. Lets listen to Pink Floyds Dark side of the moon while watching Wizard of Oz.
by VISRE March 10, 2018

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slang for weed. Popularized by the late and great Action Bronson
Yo man you can’t just spark up my bag of morris and not invite me.
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by Bobby Bitch November 23, 2017

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Another term for weed
This green spirit is the shit man
by Green Spirit June 15, 2017

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Drinks lots of liquor
Gets around
Smokes lots of weed
Gets very angry

Not the strongest person
Did you hear about uncle Justin’s jail sentence?
by High school joke group November 09, 2017

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Slang for a place to get bomb weed.
I've got to go to Disneyland tonight, I'm Dankrupt.
by BlueberryBeatle October 05, 2016

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Another word for marijuana but for Hindi ; Indian indentured servants cutting sugarcane brought this word to Jamaicans
Person 1: "Ganja is Jamaican for that good good!"

Person 2: "It's Hindi, Jamaican isn't even a language you dummy. Now puff puff pass."
by shamalaka December 26, 2017

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some smelly ass weed
"man this weed smells like shit"
"nah man this that og skunk"
by blackniggerinthacity December 13, 2016

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