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When you smoke so much weed, that you don’t notice the smell of it anymore
B’s room reeked, but he didn’t notice because he has roach nose
by iam_FP September 03, 2018

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A fantastic idea one would have while under the effect of marijuana.
Dude, I just had an awesome highdea. Lets listen to Pink Floyds Dark side of the moon while watching Wizard of Oz.
by VISRE March 10, 2018

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slang for weed. Popularized by the late and great Action Bronson
Yo man you can’t just spark up my bag of morris and not invite me.
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by Bobby Bitch November 23, 2017

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Some one that only smokes at parties to impress people and brag about how much they smoked even they've only been smoking for a month and only do it a lot
Wow evan is such a party smoker he's not even a real smoker
by Gangshit-bish April 20, 2017

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Gretar is a really nice guy and he smokes weed so you should really a get a friend named Gretar
Hey yo Gretar pass the joint. Gretar can you roll . Gretar do you have a lighter
by Tuborg beer October 14, 2018

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Something that grinds up weed/ marijuana.
“I ordered a kozo grinder on amazon!”
by weedbuddy October 04, 2018

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some smelly ass weed
"man this weed smells like shit"
"nah man this that og skunk"
by blackniggerinthacity December 13, 2016

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