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The fictitious spray one uses to rid itself of a completely dirty, nasty, cheating person who often looms around the office.
Hand me the weasel spray. I was just in a meeting with Jennifer and her remnants are still here.
by Respn April 22, 2017

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A small person, usually a child or someone not fully developed. A weasel is usually very immature and needs to be protected and looked after by those more capable or senior to them.
Look at those weasels in that school playground
by nakeyb July 27, 2017

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The cavernous vaginal opening of a large woman, who pretends she knows it all. Who is that full of herself, believes she is perfect as she is and everyone else is shit
Damn, that fat weasel had a huge mootch, it was the ugliest thing I'd ever seen but she thinks it's pretty.

Weasel went to get her mootch waxed the other day and she told me the Asian worker said 'oh hunni you hab such preti pussy'

Weasel Mootch
by tobeat February 13, 2018

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