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Wewaaak: (adj) pronunciation: /wi:wa:k/ ; the state of feeling weak and immersed in love yet heartbroken, an epic dilemma as per the Hinder song "Lips of an Angel" (2005).
It's really good to hear your voice sayin my name it sounds so sweehehet comin from the lips of an angel hearin those words makes me wewaak, @mperlaa tweeted (03/11/2016).
by mathewaboujaoude November 03, 2016

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The number of points per game that basketball legend LaVar Christopher Ball averaged in his prolific college career.
Despite only averaging 2.2 points per game in college, LaVar Ball has made it clear that he can beat Michael Jordan in a 1v1 basketball game.
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by dickey6969 June 25, 2018

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