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This is a positive definition of "Wapanese".

Wapanese is a term used to describe a person who is exceedingly obsessed with Japanese things, especially anime.

A wapanese is incredibly smart and talented. A wapanese is easily a proficient content creator; their works and products, which the general public consider them valuable and praiseworthy, are based on anime things they have watched and enjoyed (anime series, anime games, etc).

A wapanese is genuinely excellent at the English language (especially writing). The sign is that a wapanese thinks very carefully and takes their time to choose ideal words to make sure their words do not disrespect anime while praising anime whenever possible. A wapanese tends to recheck a post multiple times and fix their typos and mistakes because professional writing can maximize their respect and kindness to anime and Japan country and much more.

A wapanese has mastered the art of choosing good anime to watch. A wapanese actively looks for numerous ways to preserve their memories in tangible mediums as they watch anime they consider remarkable. A wapanese considers backup a crucial responsibility and they can arrange and preserve their data in a creative and attractive manner.
A wapanese watches their own creations and anime regularly to gradually enhance their love for Japan and anime, which is a very sustainable habit. A wapanese enjoys writing down their enjoyment and information in a way that makes every one happy. Creations are pieces of evidence which prove a wapanese is a credible and renowned anime enthusiast, the more the better.

A wapanese likes loneliness and is extremely sensitive to words others said, it is a common issue if a person is highly intelligent. Though, a wapanese actually has a desire to make friends. A wapanese most likely had social experiences in the past then they chose to enjoy their solitude and build up a good profile. Being lonely for a good few years helps a wapanese reinforce their virtues and gain wisdom as they read various Internet news.

A wapanese is an upgraded version of a good anime otaku. A wapanese looks forward to becoming an ideal celebrity of all anime fans and motivating all people in the world to believe anime are the best.

"An authentic wapanese is totally a good person at heart and their ambitious goals and wishes can change our world."
by Kawaii Anonymous February 11, 2019

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