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1. A type of tool
2. A female "wannabe"
3. A person (usually female) who thinks she is cool, but she is not.
4. A derogatory term to describe a female who thinks she is young, thin, fashionable, or intelligent but who is not.
Origin: An ebonic vernacular term coined from the word "wretched." Origin: Made popular by rapper Lil' Boosie in his song "Ratchet" whose subject is the poor and wretched. The term has been picked up by the mainstream teenage culture.
"She thinks her clothes make her hot, but she's ratchet."
"Mom, dating that guy my age is just ratchet." e.g. from "Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce"
"Look at that ratchet with the bad hairdo and torn fishnets sucking up to the guy in the Porsche. That's just ratchet."
by Voyajer 17 February 15, 2017

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the controller of roblox wannabes
the word darkness_brain can be used as wannabe controller
by therealmarioiswear August 30, 2017

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Olivia would be a new level of judgmental. An Olivia up toughness by telling you you're a fuckboy. I barely have enough anger to type this it's all a joke wannabes like Olivia need to get an anger check if you ask me.

You want a bitch who was down to earth but spend all your time in the sky
Me:Hey I'm really sorry Olivia m

Olivia: fuck yourself just die and fight me but I'm calling the cops
by Indie loserrrrrrrr June 13, 2018

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