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Female masterbation
Go gut your fish, have a wank
by Whatkindoftree March 09, 2018

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1.Somebody (preferably male) who performs the act of masturbation regularly.

2. An insult used to describe someone as a "frequent masturbator ".
"Stop wanking ya tosser"
"You're a right tosser"
by ╮(─▽─)╭ April 19, 2018

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To be engaged in the act of spanking the monkey or flicking the bean, at a level of arousal just fractionally below that required for climax, for an extended period of time.
Phone call
Cindy - Hey babe, what you doing?
Shane - Just riding the clutch baby, so I can give you a pearl necklace when you get in.
Cindy - Oh you do spoil me Shane, am running home now, bye
by Brucey Big Bonus May 12, 2017

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