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Someone who spends ridiculous amounts of time on jerking off
He's such a fapjack
by ThatGeckO May 26, 2018

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Stuart is a pedo and he abuses children and grabs little boys by the throat and fucks a milf with his 1 inch wonder every day
Stuart Yates is a pedo child abuser
by connor wallace May 09, 2018

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To describe some one who excessively masturbates. A wanker.
"You are a right Ponysmacker"
by Vegetablerightsandpeas August 04, 2016

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A person who's perfected the art of being a wanker.
This man is the wankerist customer I have ever dealt with. What a wanker.
via giphy
by MrD. February 01, 2018

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A "Pearse" is someone who

1. Wanks
2. Wears eyeliner
3. Is obviously a lesbian
4. Wastes time on urban dictionary describing himself
5. Makes suspected pedophile lists
6. Has violent sex with homo black men

Pearse is also a true soviet at heart... Its a serious

problem, im really concerned.

Big up my spotty friend Matty pickle
oi fam Pearse is well gay i swear
by the mman child October 09, 2017

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Pretty much the definition of evey boy named jake
“You fucking wanker”
by Us and the boys July 17, 2018

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wankers ache mean that you wank so hard that your dick falls off
hey ismael dont get wankers ache hionk hionk hionk
by Steffe from f.ib September 03, 2016

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