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A word used to describe a legal adult that is still a kissless-virgin.
"Hey man it's been awhile, how's life" - RIco

"Not good, I'm 19 years old and still a kissless-virgin" - Nick

"Dude, what are you? A heshma?" - Rico
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by Cacaweewee June 28, 2018

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the period of time in which a male ceases to have reproductive sex with a female. this is known to be considered (virging) related to being a (virgin).
"jovan hasn't had sex in 3 months, he's virging so hard"
by nangfather July 23, 2018

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A person, usually male, that is the utter epitome of a virgin, with traits that practically ensure that they will be a virgin for life
"How come all that kid talks about is anime and video games"
"I don't know, he's weird"
"Nah, he's a fucking virginite"
by bepis with no b August 08, 2017

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Somebody who is a virgin, not only in the sense that they haven’t had any form of sex, but that they also more than likely have never made it past first base with a significant other.
Person 1: Smash or pass Emily?
Person 2: Pass, I’ve heard she’s a hypervirgin.
Person 1: Damn.
by gobbsie December 09, 2018

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Usually one who plays fortnite! Coban is a big gay and don't trust someone called Jordon and follow officialunknowntemptation on instagram!
Coban you big Virgin.
by Sub2Wobby February 06, 2019

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Someone who acts like a virgin regardless of if they've had sex. i.e; sexually frustrated, perverted etc.
"God I want her to fuck me so bad!"
-" Dude stop being such a virgoid."
"But I've had sex how am I a virgin?"
-"I said Virgoid, fam."
by ThisHandleIsAlreadyInUseBySome October 08, 2018

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To deflower a person, or to take their virginity
i think i might go through with De-Virginalization tonight with felix!
by Youti October 17, 2016

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