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The best vine in the entire world
Mom: clean your room

by Vinebae May 25, 2018

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what the FUCK is up, kyle? no what’d you say? what the FUCK dude. step the FUCK up, kyle.
person 1: fuckin’ dumbass.

person 2: wtfiuknwyswtfdstfuk
by meinux June 12, 2018

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october 19 ..the day we all quote and remember our favorite and beloved vine.
M:do you know what today is?
M:its national vine rememberance day
by deeedeeee May 27, 2018

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that white boy who's always starting shit
what tHe fuck is up kyle? no what did you say? bro step the fuck up kyle
by vinelover42069 February 05, 2018

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hes 19 and never learned how to fucking read
Teacher: Jared could you read this

Jared:i cant Hi my name is Jared and i never fucking learned how to read
by willow1098 October 15, 2018

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Vine 2.0, or "Vine with a reply button."
Phil DeFranco just looped on Snakt.
by MollyDebois May 10, 2018

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Say this in random situations to break the ice.
Or say it when something good happened as a follow-up response.
*Something pleasant happens*
You- “ Oh I guess vine’s back”
by samandrade November 28, 2017

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