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Used in videogames as a person that has not donated to the game, therefore being a "non" which is short for "non-donator".

This is often also used negative because they often are new to the game, and have a tendency to act like a noob.
"You wanna party up with that person?"
"But he is a non!"
"Oh, nevermind then."
by gamingpiggy June 30, 2017
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This one is especially for gaymers, it is when you stick your controller up your ass and then you turn on vibrate
Danny: I definately a gamer masterbater
Steve: Yeah me too
by genghis September 13, 2016
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Putting ones's nose onto someones genitals and exhaling through it. Used by men to act like a better person than they are.
Oh yes daddy please give me sniffnapping, and ill cum all over you!
by Bartimulous stingulous December 22, 2017
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In a video game where someone misses a target right in front of them multiple times.
Person 1: Seriously dude! You just missed that enemy when it was right in front of you, that's called pulling a Daniel you know.
by UnjustRainbow June 26, 2017
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The effect of winning one game until someone that gives bad lucks makes you go on a losing spree.
Guy 1: Why you losing all your games?
Guy 2: My boy gave me the Mathew effect.
via giphy
by ArcticHunt3r April 13, 2017
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