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People who only live on air so they won't offend anyone
I am a airian , damn those veges
by Earl of Savoy July 19, 2016

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A vegetarian who eats meat.
My friend Zilly is a vegemetarian.
by FingerTapes February 25, 2018

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Someone who does not eat anything with a face on it.
I have made my transition into an ultra-recyclo vegetarian, I no longer eat anything with a face on it.
by TheEarthlingClod August 14, 2017

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One whom lives on a vegetarian diet at home, but who will devour meat when eating out. Usually to save money, or to avoid meat spoiling, and going in the rubbish.
I've never seen James cook meat at home, but he always loads up on burgers at Mackers. He must be a home vegetarian.
by EdgyCactus September 24, 2017

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