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Vegan gang
I'm not vegan, I'm part of the v gang
by Vgang February 15, 2018

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A useless piece of shit who survives on absolutely none of the good stuff in life. People need leather and silk. And steak. and chicken wings.
Boi 1: Omg did u see bob at the cafeteria?? he didn't order and meat and was proud of it.

Boi 2: Ya hes a vegannissimo
by innocent_and_insecure November 18, 2017

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A person that refuses to have ANYTHING to do with “harming” animals, such as milking a cow. They will not eat meat, drink milk, wear leather, or anything of that sort. They also tend to have to tell EVERYBODY that they’re vegan.
Vegan: Hey, I’m vegan now.
You: That’s cool...
Vegan: Hey, you, did you know I’m vegan?
Other person: No?
Vegan: Well, now you know.
Vegan: Guess what?
Another person: What?
Vegan: I’M VEGAN NOW!!!
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by Oclyc June 18, 2018

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An annoying vegan whom specifically eats only carrots
that orange bitch is one hell of a karrotian
by athenalovespie October 09, 2017

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A vegan curse word for when you want to say bitch.
Man she's such a baboozle.
by McFloofy August 12, 2017

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A common, text-based response to the discovery of a vegan.

Jehdjcjdjdisjdhcjcndjdksjskdj, jejdkcofejeijwhduchrbrusjdnfifovjnrjr, reyhentjfucjxksoskwjzkjw$&3’dij$;&&!&&3,
Frank-hey man
Frank-aren’t you gonna gimme this medal?
Frank- I’M VEGAN.
by Rasta_Boi November 21, 2017

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getting asked where you get your protein like 12 times a day
"If you don't know the difference between vegan's and vegetarian's, a vegan is way more annoying." -

"Shut-up, I don't need meat!" - P. Lawson
by supadupa453098 April 03, 2019

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