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A singular freshly combed vagina hair.
Wow... that's a nice Connio you've got there.
by gman berg March 28, 2017

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A vagina. Despite its negative connotations, it is used to express adoration of those who enjoy inhaling the natural aroma of the orifice.
Kevin: “Man, do I love eating pussy!... That stinky box!”
by UrBiggDaddy January 23, 2019

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Deep and wide vagina
Mate, your mum's got a meat hatch
by mibaki May 19, 2018

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An excited labia which drips liquid like a greasy burger from a cheap cafe.
when I was done with her, she looked like she had burger flaps.
by Freddy Five Hands May 06, 2018

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Alternative slang for The vagina
I’m going to smash her in the snoosh biscuit.
by Simplysinister October 17, 2017

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a vagina that looks like a sideways meat sandwich
man she had a tight cold cut combo
by dankeggman February 28, 2018

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A nasty whore who sleeps with everyone. She has a camel toe the size of the atlantic ocean and when people walk by her it smells like a sea food buffet. And she fucks her fat ass son jerry
Hunter" Have you seen jerrys mom" Gage" yeah she looks like a fishy hippo
by alienbighead14 July 28, 2017

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