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Precious is a loving,caring and understanding person, loves to help when they can,beautiful and unique,when precious loves,it is real, the type of person you want to spend your forever with, even if precious has flaws mostimes,tends to work on them when corrected,precious keeps their words,you can help but just find a Precious in your life
Precious is unique

I told precious about my problem and she helped provide solutions
by Osaspre March 19, 2017

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A half joke. A splatchy is when you jokingly make a proposition. When you ask a question jokingly because you don't think others will accept it, but you are actually serious. Has been picking up momentum in recent years.

Pronounced "splotchy"
Monica: "Hey Bill"

Bill: "what's up monica?"
Monica: "wanna go make out?"
Bill: "what the fuck!?"
Monica: "chill bill, it was a splatchy"
Bill: "wanna cum in oval office?"

Charlie: "wanna take some shots?"
Alan: "no charlie, it's 9am"
Charlie: "chill out Alan, it was a joke"
Alan: "I don't think it was a joke, Charlie, you're an alcoholic"
Charlie: "damn, it was a splatchy"
by Splatchmeister February 01, 2019

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You’d think you know her but you don’t, her face misleads people into thinking she’s rude or conceited, but really she’s just trying to find her inner beauty. She hides behind closed doors afraid to share her talent. Her body attracts most and her face completes it, very Athletic with a goofy side, always knowing how to cheer people up alicia is one of a kind, blessed with the very unique voice of an angel and very outgoing. Alicia has a soft spot for animals and her loved ones, she cares very much for the people who treat her right, if you come across an alicia take note that you’re blessed.
Alicia is rare
by #reality101 May 16, 2018

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What you name your daughter when you want her to truly be unique in the hood
Unyque's name is totally unique the way it's spelled
by Unyquelymade March 15, 2017

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Menaal is a unique name. She is very responsible. Menaal is filled with joy & love and is never afraid to express herself. Sometimes, she gets shy, but most of the time shes happy & agrees with everything. It is rare to be friends with a 'Menaal' but when you find her, make sure you treat her super well because shes not everywhere. You're lucky if you ever meet a 'Menaal'. She is a caring friend and tries her best to make you proud. She won't ever let you down.
Girl: OMG, that girl Menaal is super sweet. I became friends with her last week, she's so nice. You should be friends with her too!
Girl2: I know, shes so nice!
by Menaals bestie May 08, 2018

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Daynna is a unique name that probably no one could spell.... all the girls are jealous of her because she is athletic , smart , and gets all the guys. Daynna is a bad girl with a caring heart.
" Daammmnnnnn, is that Daynna?"
by Awesomewolf1234 December 27, 2016

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Undefinable . Different but way better than anyone. love it or hate it, wanted and desirable.
Models have the most unique facial features.
by Nikita7 April 18, 2018

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