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The best friend out of best friends! She is beautiful in every way just doesn't know it. She would rather have 2-4 close friends rather then a huge group. One of the funniest people you'll ever meet, she loves to goof off anywhere at any time and isn't afraid to be herself. The boys are always attracted to her bright smile and wacky sense of humor. Just don't under estimate her because she isn't afraid to stand her grounds, speak in what she believes, and get into some trouble. She also isn't a very big girly girl but everyone once in a while she will through on a cute outfit and wear some makeup. Once you meet a Taleah your life will never be the same! Respect her and she will respect you.

And for the boys, well.... GO GET HER!!! She hates boys who just sit around and wish upon a shooting star for her! She wants someone who is willing to go straight up to her face and ask her out! She likes the funny, outgoing, quirky, confident guys, and most importantly she loves the boys who are willing to be just as crazy and spontaneous as her.
"WOW did you see her?''
"She's so pretty, confidante and outgoing!"
"She must be a Taleah!"
by t126 November 26, 2017
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Precious is a loving,caring and understanding person, loves to help when they can,beautiful and unique,when precious loves,it is real, the type of person you want to spend your forever with, even if precious has flaws mostimes,tends to work on them when corrected,precious keeps their words,you can help but just find a Precious in your life
Precious is unique

I told precious about my problem and she helped provide solutions
by Osaspre March 19, 2017
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Jahsendah means God sent her. Jah is what Rastafarians call their god and everything else you can pretty much sound out the meaning.

Send- sent
Ah- kinda sounds like her if you say it out loud
Person: What does your name mean?

Me: Jah means God so now sound it out and you'll get the meaning

Person: Jahsendah ohhh ok I get it, nice name
by Random0418 August 23, 2017
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What you name your daughter when you want her to truly be unique in the hood
Unyque's name is totally unique the way it's spelled
by Unyquelymade March 15, 2017
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Daynna is a unique name that probably no one could spell.... all the girls are jealous of her because she is athletic , smart , and gets all the guys. Daynna is a bad girl with a caring heart.
" Daammmnnnnn, is that Daynna?"
by Awesomewolf1234 December 27, 2016
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A girl who loves pineapples and is very caring. Talleri is the girl you would wanna date or you would want her to be your friend. She’s always the one being unique,crazy and always helping others. Someday she will find a man maybe even a Charlie. She is a very sexy person. She stands out in the crowd and is always the one starting conversations. Talleri is the kind of person who wants to get away from her parents and have fun! The name Talleri usually comes from Italy. If your a Talleri she probably has always been wanting to hold her boyfriends hand but to embarrassed to say it. She seems very shy when you first meet her but once you get to know her she’s a very crazy and outgoing person. She is always starting trends and making friends. I’m sure you’ll wanna be friends with a Talleri.
Talleri is the pineapple lady!
by Hytho January 23, 2018
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Cyreel is nice and he can be caring when you mean something to him. He isn't much of a joker but he will smile or laugh at other peoples jokes. He is so fun to be around, he doesn't like to have his stuff taken but he will take yours here and there. He's goofy but also still a calm person, he's also easy going and loves to just go with the flow.
Cyreel will flow with the wind.

He can be so sur-real.
by ShortyMoo October 12, 2017
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