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Jazmyn is a quirky, crazy girl sometimes acts without considering the consequences but will never leave anyone out (or alone for that matter) though she is amazing and can bounce back from anything (including bricks walls). Jazmyn is a wonderful girl with just a little too much energy but never too much spirit, but will always get a little worked up if she doesn't get the last piece of chocolate cakes at parties. She will never stop believing she is a unicorn in disguise.
Did you see Jazmyn she went through a brick wall chasing a piece of chocolate cake screaming will you marry me.
by StormieGirl1850 June 08, 2018

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Something rare and almost unbelievable. Except you never get to actually taste it. You have heard how good it is, but never experienced them for yourself. Or if you are a lucky one, you know that you only get one taste. That's it. One. Now live on and tell the tale.
I went over Mike's house and he offered me Cupcake Pancakes. I never had cupcake pancakes. It was amazing but then I went home and wish I had cupcake pancakes every morning.
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by TheRealUnicornHere February 27, 2017

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A unicorn orgasm is like the greatest orgasm ever. Your body/parts of your body go numb. You have muscle spasms that last longer than the sex. It lasts longer than your average joe or orgasms and you don't think it'll ever stop. It's almost like you black out and go to a different world for that period of time. Sometimes you cry after. Your whole body is tense and relaxed at the same time. And you feel like a teenager again because you don't want to stop. It's. That. Good.
If you're not unicorning , then your partner needs to learn sex .
by Unicorning July 20, 2017

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A basic blond who thinks one is a magical unicorn
'I love to fly, I love to fly like a unicorn and take a (pony) everywhere,' said Varia.
by unicorn5610 December 11, 2016

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