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Sliccbicc has that jetzel humor.
by Jesusismynibba June 02, 2018

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When a mortal has hit peak madness and the sheer insanity can not be contained in their finite shell anymore is when you have hit Joey mode. Tales have been told that it has only been experienced once, and the after math was that equal to both Hiroshima and the Holocaust at once.
Pat: Oh my gosh is he going Joey Mode?
Zak: We better run! this isn't gonna be pretty!
by DaeBaeFay December 31, 2018

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An unfunny puppet from a YouTube channel of grown men playing with dolls, which used to be a good channel. Sadly this character is the cash cow of the person behind the channel (Logan Thirtyacre) Jeffy's personality is that of a disabled kid, although exaggerated. He makes unfunny jokes, does things that cause Logan to get demonetized and age-restricted, and attracts spoiled, bratty kids to the fandom, turning it into a living hell.
Hey have you watched the new Jeffy video?
Oh dear god no, I gave up on that channel a long time ago
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by Uncel Dolan January 19, 2019

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Someone who is social awkward and tries to crack jokes that are generally unfunny, synonymous to a goob.
What kind of music is a balloon scared of?

I don't know.
Pop music!
Wait to be a real Elh.
by Doctor Skrown March 19, 2019

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A super sexist, nasty, super aggro and motherfucking dysfunctional father.
Where's the big fucking Ivan Trumble? He has killed his own wife!
by Snapper2001 May 27, 2018

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An overused term that people use to make themselves sound funny but in reality, they sound fucking retarded.
Osama Bin Laden - I want to be on CNN, we get plane and taxi to NYC.

George Bush - Weird flex but ok.
by TrumpWithTheStump November 01, 2018

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