“Ugly ass boy who has no friends. You will rarely, if ever see him outside, and he is too pale to make out even if you do”
“Ewwwwwww! It’s a Whatt! Everybody run and hide!!!!”
by Whattwhattwhattwhatt June 07, 2018

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The most annoying kid in my class
Christian succs.
by Thecoolestteacher November 06, 2016

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A fake ass bitch who think she can still anybody's man and think she the shit when she not she always got some nasty weave in her head she's really ugly
That renissa girl got bad weave

Have you heard of renissa yeah who hasn't
by Badbitches7465 January 20, 2017

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a last name for crusty and dry people. really drains the life of the party, they're the one most likely to dunk their head in a beer keg for attention
Wow did you see that Livingston making it uncomfortable for everyone at the bowling alley?
I tried not to dude.
by wishingiwasnotlivingston December 08, 2016

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A name that goes to ugly kids, people who have this name are probaly annoying dumb noisy and loud and much other things. I dont recommend being friends with them
Omg Jasmine is so pretty this is why were not friends with her
via giphy
by MR POOPY SQUAD August 04, 2018

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A bitch made ass niga that lives in back alleys of apartments and asks for the cheeks to be clapped
This marquise ass nigga
by Frypan1675 February 13, 2017

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A vile, strange And deformed bird looking creature.

Normally found at night feeding on orange and apple juice.
Hey what are u dressing up as for Halloween.
I’m dressing up as Nathan
by Nbjkbku June 01, 2018

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