A person that looks like a rat.
Girl: oh my god there is shit in the pool
Boy: oh don’t worry that’s just Meredith Mickelson

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hes ugly in many ways
he sucks ass
u an alex
dang your an alex
by dreamsplayzyt March 01, 2018

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most people you know.
bro, your'e so ugly
by Sudsssssssssssssssssss November 06, 2017

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The ugliest motherfucker in the whole entire world
That guy is such a Saswat!!
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by fatalbertrapedme May 30, 2018

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They are so rude and ugly. They are dumb, have horrible teeth and hair. They whine so much. You never want to be friends with a jessica. They are back stabbing b*tches
Jessica's are the worst
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by truthfulbabe March 30, 2017

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he's just really ugly
look how ugly bryce is
by Dave9324 October 26, 2016

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Something more disgusting like Tana Mojo
You are disgustinger than my Aunt jo. Disgustinger means something or someone more disgusting
by Lilly ur mama November 25, 2017

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