Top Definition
A person that looks like a rat.
Girl: oh my god there is shit in the pool
Boy: oh don’t worry that’s just Meredith Mickelson

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hes ugly in many ways
he sucks ass
u an alex
dang your an alex
by dreamsplayzyt March 01, 2018

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he's just really ugly
look how ugly bryce is
by Dave9324 October 26, 2016

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Big fat hippo , bitch
O look there's a Monica!
by Melissa10198 December 16, 2016

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A Zayd is the ugliest person you will ever meet he is gay and all the boys and girls run away when u see a Zayd it will make your eyes bleed he will get suspended for master baiting in class
Kid:can I go to the nurse

Kid:cause I saw a Zayd today and it made my eyes bleed
by Aminah banana July 27, 2017

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A girl who likes boys named fernando tends to be mean and also ugly
Omg neveah likes fernando
by Bug boy mc ren July 17, 2019

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When you think you see a hot looking person although it was only a Distance Does Wonders and they are NASTY up close!
I saw them from far and thought how beautiful until they were close only a DDW!
by llcalejr May 15, 2019

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