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Fat, ugly, gay and stupid, Tyler's are the dumbest sacks of shit to exist, especially those named Tyler Knox, he's the biggest gay GG no re, kys urself
"oh look at that queer "*queer turns around* "oh it's just Tyler"
by BigNuts445 November 08, 2018

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Tyler erb
Tyler erb is a idiot
by Ur weird December 22, 2018

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Ew you see that girl she such a onnestee
by Mairea May 22, 2017

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Something more disgusting like Tana Mojo
You are disgustinger than my Aunt jo. Disgustinger means something or someone more disgusting
by Lilly ur mama November 25, 2017

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The ugliest motherfucker in the whole entire world
That guy is such a Saswat!!
via giphy
by fatalbertrapedme May 30, 2018

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Big fat hippo , bitch
O look there's a Monica!
by Melissa10198 December 16, 2016

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A Zayd is the ugliest person you will ever meet he is gay and all the boys and girls run away when u see a Zayd it will make your eyes bleed he will get suspended for master baiting in class
Kid:can I go to the nurse

Kid:cause I saw a Zayd today and it made my eyes bleed
by Aminah banana July 27, 2017

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