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an ugly ass faced shit bag who resembles that of a raccoon when you see him you cant help but throw up in your moutha little
"that dude that just walked in...yea him hes such a tyree"
by That boy mir April 20, 2018

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most people you know.
bro, your'e so ugly
by Sudsssssssssssssssssss November 06, 2017

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They are so rude and ugly. They are dumb, have horrible teeth and hair. They whine so much. You never want to be friends with a jessica. They are back stabbing b*tches
Jessica's are the worst
via giphy
by truthfulbabe March 30, 2017

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Big fat hippo , bitch
O look there's a Monica!
by Melissa10198 December 16, 2016

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A fag with a small dick and looks bummy usual hair style is braids, waves, or nappy top and can't any girls
That boy is a cincere I mean look at him
by Selina Bates November 23, 2016

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A Zayd is the ugliest person you will ever meet he is gay and all the boys and girls run away when u see a Zayd it will make your eyes bleed he will get suspended for master baiting in class
Kid:can I go to the nurse

Kid:cause I saw a Zayd today and it made my eyes bleed
by Aminah banana July 27, 2017

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Fat, ugly, gay and stupid, Tyler's are the dumbest sacks of shit to exist, especially those named Tyler Knox, he's the biggest gay GG no re, kys urself
"oh look at that queer "*queer turns around* "oh it's just Tyler"
by BigNuts445 November 08, 2018

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