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When you have to walk home because your phone is dead.
After a long night of drinking I was going to Uber home, but my phone was dead so I had Shoeber.
by MR BOYER March 12, 2017

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Any time someone/something says it'll take a minute, but it takes closer to 10. (Like in the Uber app, when it says the car is a minute away, but the driver shows up 10 minutes later.)
I'll be at the bar in an uber minute.
by Uberminute January 11, 2017

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When you're so drunk that you need an uber.
Becky got way too inuberated at that party.
by beccax619 August 05, 2018

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A sentence commonly used by Uber riders towards Uber drivers as a way to avoid offering a cash tip without feeling guilty.
“Hey, can I tip through the app now?” ... “yeah Uber added that recently.” ... “oh awesome I will totally do that!” ... (the tip never shows up)
by saltlickcity October 24, 2017

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