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A type of disease that largely effects people who have also had exposure to ligma. Or know someone who has.
Person1: hey bro what's ligma

Person2: ligma fuckin balls

Person1: oh shit bro you got me

Person1: so are you going to saw con

Person2: what's saw con

by Ydckx July 26, 2018

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A white person who sucks up to minorities to show how "woke" and moral he is.
Origins: Stemming from the word Uncle Tom and Bernie Sanders' speech of "when you're white you don't know what it's like to be poor speech".
SJW: I prefer to acknowledge my white privilege and pay reparations to the blacks for slavery.
Normal Person: You are such an Uncle Bernie, you know that?
by HiTymesWHiT May 26, 2018

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What you were supposed to be
Your mom was supposed to have an abortion
by Shrek pepe October 12, 2018

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