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-A fake person or two faced person
Deandre -“Yo that nigga toonie don't talk to him"
Bryan- “ goodlookin boa "
by Jeff from statefarm December 15, 2017

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Rose is bad and hot girl. She is one of those slut bad girls who cheats on other guys. She keeps secrets and doesn't tell you even if your her best friend. She only tells her secrets to her second group which is also a thing she probably won't tell you. Rose is nice and has your back, but you won't see her bad other side unless you see her hanging out with unusual people. And once you ask her about it she changes the subject to ice cream
Person: Doesn't that girl have a boyfriend? Now she is hanging out with Sean.
Person 2: Yeah, her name must be Rose or something.
by WatermelonQueen101 May 20, 2017

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