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Don't @ me is a phrase on Twitter when you say something and you don't want people to respond directly to you. They can retweet, like, etc. but don't respond directly because you don't care what people have to say about your opinion.
Kylie: "Tagalongs are the best girl scout cookies don't @ me"

Sara: What's "dont @ me"?

Kylie: I don't care about your opinion
by lol2038 January 29, 2017

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Stands for "Don't @ Me". Used on Twitter when you don't want someone tweeting at you.
Jess kept trying to expose me yesterday and I told her d@m
by ArabTurtle April 03, 2017

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twitter for "this is what I believe"
Twitter User 1: If you like Keemstar you should kill yourself. Don't @ me
Twitter User 2: tiwib
by lolboy69 March 01, 2017

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Profile picture (avatar) on twitter/instagram
Hey I like your avi on twitter.
Dude ur avi is dumb change it.
by DolansDictionary October 11, 2017

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A user on Twitter who uses bots to suspend users for something they tweeted a year ago.
ThreatDestroyer has suspended at least 80+ accounts.
One of those accounts is Quackityhq
by #1B3o8rmE^60z October 03, 2018

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A reference to a the tweet in which Scilla_xx does an "experiment" in which she says nice things at one jar of rice and hateful things at another for 30 days and allegedly found that the hate rice had turned soggy. It has since become a meme, primarily on Twitter.
I've had a really tough day of work and I need to get some anger out so my hate rice is really gonna get it tonight.
by jtrynlds September 29, 2018

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@yuugen Is a fat blonde ginger kid who nabs Darky TGs great memes that he nabs
Look at this fat kid @yuugen
by HGMEntertainment October 29, 2018

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