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Don't @ me is a phrase on Twitter when you say something and you don't want people to respond directly to you. They can retweet, like, etc. but don't respond directly because you don't care what people have to say about your opinion.
Kylie: "Tagalongs are the best girl scout cookies don't @ me"

Sara: What's "dont @ me"?

Kylie: I don't care about your opinion
by lol2038 January 29, 2017

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Stands for "Don't @ Me". Used on Twitter when you don't want someone tweeting at you.
Jess kept trying to expose me yesterday and I told her d@m
by ArabTurtle April 03, 2017

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when you follow someone on Twitter solely because they're smoking hot.
Kyle "Shallow Followed" Trevor on Twitter only because he saw that he's hot.

Kyle stumbled across Trevor today from a Retweet—and when he clicked over to Trevor's profile avi he saw that Trevor was super-fucking hot and muscly with a great smile. So Kyle Shallow-Followed him because he doesn't care what he tweets or says just so long as he's hot.
by Uncle Joosie July 27, 2016

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twitter for "this is what I believe"
Twitter User 1: If you like Keemstar you should kill yourself. Don't @ me
Twitter User 2: tiwib
by lolboy69 March 01, 2017

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Profile picture (avatar) on twitter/instagram
Hey I like your avi on twitter.
Dude ur avi is dumb change it.
by DolansDictionary October 11, 2017

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Tweetsitter: (n) One who has access to and watches another's twitter feed and deletes any inappropriate tweets as they appear.
The "inadvertent" retweet from Trump with a picture of a train running over a CNN reporter must have been deleted by his White House tweetsitter.
by NPRAddict August 15, 2017

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