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Pronounced Twee-KUR Sheek
A strung out or worn look on your local tweaker. When one thinks they are on point but are clearly slippin.
Jamie: How do I look?
Rhiannia: Lookin Tweaker Chìc, time for a sandwich and a nap!
by letsgetill December 07, 2016

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shaunardagans: (can-i-have-a-shard-again) For a tweaker to steel or rob someone of their property. For the own gain to be able to get/buy there next bag.
"Tweaker" I dont have any money but I have a laptop ,drill, and a used dildo you can have ill i need is a bowl and a shot for my girl. "DEALER" Man I dont want your shaunardagans i need cash now take your crap and get the fuck out of here and next fucking call first.
by bonnieandclyde9187 December 12, 2017

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Something a tweeker says when then break into an abandon building
Hey James there is hellacopper in these walls
by Kevin duncan June 02, 2018

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Someone who gets lit all the time
Look at Jailen over there he’s a young tweaker
by Yvng South May 04, 2018

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Busty (noun) - This is a person (male or female) who is clearly out of it, shot, and or busted and continues to use harmful substances while simultaneously making blanket statements about how they are fine and also unfairly judge others for their habits.
Kyle you are clearly tweaking , stop telling me I am the one that is bugging, you are acting like a busty.
by Soyce December 17, 2017

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