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The highly dangerous sitaution that occurrs when a turd is fighting its way out of your ass and you have to clench your sphincter to keep the crowning fecal matter from becoming one with your drawers
"I got stuck in traffic on the Interstate and had to pinch a loaf, by time I got home I was in full clench mode
by chilly pepper November 15, 2016
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A turd.
Man, I gotta drop a French Buscuit off in the toilet, it' has been baking all day like a bun in the oven.
by P-Nyle November 13, 2016
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basically kinda like "fuck," not used the same way tho
"Jonathan, stop being so bufoo" "Damnnnnn, this fucking food is bufoo as hell" "Dumb-fuck bufoo"
by Jonathanbuffoass February 17, 2018
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The sound effect of a turd hitting the water in the toilet.
The turd went "doink" as it fell into the toilet.
by Megannha November 02, 2017
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