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Sarah-Jane is a one and only girl that you will meet. She is someone that loves creativity and will continue to use it if needed, she will fall for anyone she likes very easily but it still takes time for her. She is highly attractive and realistic, she will help any friend when sad and will continue to support her friend. The best thing to do is don’t ever cross your limit with her. She likes a joke only ONCE AND ONLY! Be warned!
Sarah-Jane is beautiful and caring for others
by Startracker101 November 01, 2018

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A sound you make when you know something they don't know.
Oppp, that's not what jimmy told me.
Oppp , are you sure her she ain't fake?
by Pindle April 15, 2017

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A guy who will Slip in DMS and slip out just like that and has a very big dick
I wish I could be Tae
by Big boy ken November 20, 2017

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internet users are stupid people with no lives using facebook or twatter or wasting time searching and playing online games or getting illegal files
lazy internet users they are.
by itssotrueistform August 24, 2016

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An amazing beautiful girl who isn’t afraid to express her feelings, and will be petty when she has to. She’s very sarcastic. She was a huge heart that many love walking over and breaking it.
1. Omg it’s Jasmean she is so beautiful.
2. She’s to beautiful to have her heart broken
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by Ssm23 December 23, 2017

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A sweet, caring, super real sista that people tend to jump to conclusions about. Dani is no more than a simple girl who just loves to have fun in life and is no hoe. She's as real as God himself. You guys should learn to give the benefit of the doubt. Dani Cohn is no more than a teen superhero without powers. She's one of my icons
Danielle Cohn rocks!

Danielle Cohn is my hero!
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by Super Jared June 03, 2019

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a gay man with a small dick and hates to work also they have a very low intelligence. most logans are very shund and very rude most of them cant get married because of their behavior. they also are very stupid and very dumb. also if there in school the sleep in class ass.
"a logan is mean"
"ya why insnt he a LITTLE bit nicer"
"probly because he has a small dick"
"he is such a logan"

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