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Charltons’ are very humorous people, they are always laughing and won’t hesitate to make a joke. Charlton’s are very tough but won’t always open up to people or show their real emotions about them.
“He’s suck a Charlton.”
by EpicAsGuy629 July 12, 2017

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a phrase that means C-Jay... (do not mess with), (strong)
by IHAVESUGMA5ma5her October 21, 2018

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I recall my 5th grade classroom, the desks were set up in rows of six, and I sat in the middle row, of a large room filled with an average sized class. And that’s where he sat, right there in front of me; now being a female in a male bias world I found that most guys don’t expect you to know how to fight. And that’s where he made his mistake. His name was Tommy and he tried to take my pencil, this might not seem like a big deal now but ever since I was younger, I had an “obsessive compulsive disorder” type of thing; I absolutely positively could not stand to have people touching my things, or things that I had previously touched. So I asked him kindly to please not touch my things…he didn’t quite listen. He continued to grab for my book bag when I told him again “DO NOT TOUCH MY THINGS” I was getting madder and he didn’t seem to comprehend the level of seriousness displayed in my threatening tone. “Shut up” he snapped back at me “don’t be a tattle tale”. “I wont,” I said through my teeth “but stop touching my things” with an angry shove, he pushed me. In rebuttal, I shoved him back.
Aaziontea is a good true person
by Maliyah carter April 06, 2018

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Pretty,hot,beautiful eyes and the greatest friend a girl can ever have. He always finds his way to a Laura or an anahi (but more anahí) their probably friends now.
Girl1: luis is sow hot I want him
Girl2: he's with Anahi

Girl3:that makes sense, but I thought he was with Laura

Girl2: he likes anahi more
by Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!😳 March 29, 2017

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A guy that is actually a girl.
Kyle has very long hair.
by FakeKyle November 22, 2018

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He can't fight. He a bitch.

Darius gone step body him
You a bitch like K'shawn Jones
by True_only June 18, 2019

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When you go to type true, but your fingers have a spasm resulting in this outcome
Tryev that my friend
Tryev that
by Wetwipe127 April 15, 2017

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