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Donating to charity for the explicit purpose of embarrassing an acquaintance by associating their name with a ridiculous cause. Especially effective on kickstarter and other named giving platforms.
LOL. I just donated $100 in my boss's name to The HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation. That's some next-level philanthropy trolling.
by coachbob August 28, 2018

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Arby is a fake last name of Facebook accounts notoriously used throughout the years. These accounts are used to troll many Facebook groups, and to start arguments with his real life persona.

The main troll account of Arby (a dude) claims to be a Mets fan, a Spurs fan, and a Redskins fan, while his real life persona (a dude) is an Orioles fan, a Wizards fan, and a Redskins fan.

You can usually find the main Arby troll account arguing with his real life persona over their differences in sports and their differences in politics. The main troll account of Arby claims to be a liberal while his real life persona says he is a conservative.

The main Arby troll account has no real pictures, just pictures of Homer Simpson and images of the sports teams he enjoys. He claims to have gone to high school with his real life persona, but no one has seen them together in real life.

There is also a secondary Arby troll account, which claims to be the sister of the main troll account. This account has a picture of Lisa Simpson instead of Homer Simpson and little else of consequence.

On random occasions, the main Arby troll account will pop up in a Facebook group associated with sports and ask if a certain player wears "a cup" or not.

This charade has gone on for over a decade in many Facebook groups. You would have thought it would have gotten old by now, but apparently not.
That is an Arby account on Facebook. Totally fake.

How could you fall for that Arby page on Facebook?

You thought that Facebook account was real? Haha, you just got Arby'ed!

He is using an Arby account to troll with.
by Nick Markakis April 18, 2017

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The act of deceiving people (solely for entertainment) by projecting a false perspective that differs from your true perspective.
Trolling isn't just an internet thing, it's been around for millennia. The term trolling came around recently as a reference to the fishing term, making the analogy that you're in a boat trailing a joke net behind you for anyone in the wide ocean of the web to be swept up in. Then you just cruise along chuckling, enjoying your day.

As Billy Joel once said, "Tell my wife I am trolling Atlantis"
by PseudoNinjaBear January 19, 2018

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