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A soccer celebration; It makes some people triggered because of it’s OP dankness
Oh yeah boyyyyy I just scored a soccer goal. Zing bing zing bing!
by Animebeliever June 09, 2018

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Post Triggered Aleeza Disorder
I got such a bad case of PTAD when they used triggered incorrectly
by Amorrow0- November 20, 2016

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When someone gets incredibly offended/triggered over something.
"How dare you say that about me? Wtf?"
"LOL Are you that jilted over this? Stupid hippo looking bitch! Lmao!"
via giphy
by xscapism December 24, 2017

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Getting triggered would be described as feminism.
by Dawnit November 16, 2016

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When a human (mostly female) get's severely butt hurt and decides to act upon their rage in a severe manner.
Triggered: (first example)
"Kill all of the jews!" "This isn't funny, millions of jews died,and for what? For you to make some dumbass joke?

Triggered: (second example)
I hope all of you get cancer" "This isn't funny, millions of people died, and for what? For you to make some dumbass joke?
by Niggerbitchfaggotwhoreskank March 31, 2017

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When one gets involved in a conversation that they were not involved in at all at first, but hears something that catches their attention(usually occurs when a group of friends are joking around and they make a joke, but that one kid that gets sensitive and takes everything to the heart has to go off on everyone).
One kid: STEVEN smells
Other kid that gets in everyone's business and doesn't find the joke or topic that the group of people were talking about funny: AYE CHILL CHILL CHILL DONT TALK ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE BEHIND THEIR BACKS
Triggeria: getting angry over a joke that wasn't even meant for them
by DAVID BOBBY April 21, 2018

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when someone overreacts aggresively over something or someone
guy 1: "hey bro, you checkin out my girl!?"
guy 2: dafuq!?
girlfriend: pulls guy 1 by the arm away "jesus guy 1 you can stop pullin a heavy now..."
by CharlesXavior October 21, 2016

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