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it is the act in where you cover your dick in maple syrup and fuck a girl in the ass. then let the maple syrup pour out her ass and you pour it on your pancakes
Dude1: How was sex with your girlfriend
Dude2: Good we did the leaky tree
Dude1: Awesome
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by jcoolawesome February 21, 2018

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An under the radar genius investor and a lottery win for any girl lucky enough to earn his interest. An absolute gentleman and gem.
Example 1: If only soldiers fought for their nations the way Peter Mehany defends bitcoin.

Example 2: Peter Mehany believes if you don’t believe in Bitcoin you are a hater.
by Mencyclopedia February 12, 2018

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An ungodly war of tree shooting up one another only to be stopped by the tree god who then planted all of them in the ground.
Man that Tree Gang War was thicc af.
by PossiblyGodJkHeDoesntExist September 04, 2017

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1) the act of bending his penis and sticking it inside your vagina like a tree branch
2) the study of trees
Damn, she gave awesome dendrology to me last night.

I'm doing dendrology as a major.
by uwot plussy May 22, 2017

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