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A Trap
"Hey you know felix from re:zero"
"Yeah he's a Joseph"
by MachoTrapJoseph April 03, 2018

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Someone who likes traps
Emmett likes traps
by NotGayBoi420 May 28, 2018

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An area in which a gang mainly sells there drugs
Dealer-‘wanna go country’
Other dealer-‘sure why not’
by TrapStar1244 May 09, 2018

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It's when u meet someone new and they want to rush a close friendship with you before you're ready and try to trap you into a friendship. Like a girl trying to trap a man so they can't leave by getting pregnant.
Don't get socially pregnant T. Play it cool lol.
by Lunch Box September 15, 2016

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A trapsexual is a person that sexually identifies as a trap. Trapsexuals are traps and therefore they can never be gay since traps have been scientifically proven to not be homosexual.
Stupid bot Frank : Ha ur not a trap, u gay!
A inteligent individual : No, I identify as trapsexual, therefore I am not gay!
by walensaystrapsarentgay October 28, 2018

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The act of doing continous and frequent Trap activities to the point where its an actual workout.
He never has time to sit down and eat because he's always doing his Trapletics.
by jtysss February 17, 2017

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A rag is an alternate word for trap (see trap) it is used because el trapo in spanish translates to rag , it is used as a code word
man im on the rag
by Bongo in he Trap October 13, 2017

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