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A Trap
"Hey you know felix from re:zero"
"Yeah he's a Joseph"
by MachoTrapJoseph April 03, 2018

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Someone who likes traps
Emmett likes traps
by NotGayBoi420 May 28, 2018

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An area in which a gang mainly sells there drugs
Dealer-‘wanna go country’
Other dealer-‘sure why not’
by TrapStar1244 May 09, 2018

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It's when u meet someone new and they want to rush a close friendship with you before you're ready and try to trap you into a friendship. Like a girl trying to trap a man so they can't leave by getting pregnant.
Don't get socially pregnant T. Play it cool lol.
by Lunch Box September 15, 2016

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Some ginger trap
Street: "sHUT UP

by StReeTiSTRanS March 04, 2019

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A trapsexual is a person that sexually identifies as a trap. Trapsexuals are traps and therefore they can never be gay since traps have been scientifically proven to not be homosexual.
Stupid bot Frank : Ha ur not a trap, u gay!
A inteligent individual : No, I identify as trapsexual, therefore I am not gay!
by walensaystrapsarentgay October 28, 2018

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A rag is an alternate word for trap (see trap) it is used because el trapo in spanish translates to rag , it is used as a code word
man im on the rag
by Bongo in he Trap October 13, 2017

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