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Male to female transgender
Michael Obama is a manchin
by Governments = Corporations July 07, 2019

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Hijda refers to the transgender people. The people who consider themselves to be different from the 2 genders just for their own mindlessly satisfaction.
A person that have both boobs and penis. He/she is usually secluded from societies.
He is a hijda.
His family left him cause he is a hijda.
by Xplosive Aloo March 24, 2019

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Top of the line tranny. A transgender individual that has undergone extensive and exceptional sex reassignment surgery, to the point that differentiating the individuals original gender is impossible.
Yo bro that chick is hot, oh wait she used to be a dude... She is a total Tolt, props to the surgeon. You have a condom?
by Pocdoc July 18, 2018

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a girl who is transgender
Hey Vuthanara!
by ATdood May 17, 2018

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