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Feminist Appropriating Radical Transphobe, or FART for short, a feminist who is against Transgender people.
FART (Feminist Appropriating Radical Transphobe): Ugh I hate trans people, you can't change your gender, it's not what god wanted
Trans Person: Well, ya stupid FART, maybe you should learn more about biology other than the brief explanations from 7th grade.
by Potentially Trans November 10, 2018

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Another way to address a TERF, Feminist Appropriating Radical Transphobe
Friend 1: This woman accepts all LGBQ+ people, but not T(rans).
Friend 2: lmao she is one of those FARTs.
by Potentially Trans November 10, 2018

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someone who believes that there zodiac sign does not correlate with their personality
Mom. I have something to tell you I’m a transzodiac. I don’t really relate to Capricorn I’m more of an Aries.
by Checheck12 March 13, 2019

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Transgender ancestors
I call upon my transestors for guidance.
by Rosinwarrior February 21, 2019

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Oliver but sex changed.
Cloughie: How's Oliver?
Tom: I think he's Olivia now.
by Don't use your real nmae July 21, 2018

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Someone who is ignorant of trans topics and making decisions based off of those false assumptions
This person is being transignorant by saying they wouldn't have sex with a trans person.
by Sandrock323 February 18, 2019

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Girls turning into guys but still have a vagania
Damn don't get with that guy he's just one od those guys with pies
by Nick 1998 December 13, 2016

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