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When you off anyone who gets in your way
And the body count for Killery has gone up to 176 when the reporter brought new evidence to light
by Randumizthat December 17, 2016

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When you become a traitor and switch to the other side of a battle, argument, etc.

Mostly you “pull a Benedict Arnold.”
When the boys and the girls had a battle, Allie decided to pull a Benedict Arnold, and join the boys’ side.
by Astr0n0va November 28, 2017

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Elale is a name belonging to gypsies. It is said that it means god is always here. Elale can be a very bad person and is known to be one of the first traitors since the begining of time. Be careful, don't trust an Elale.
He must be a descendant of Elale for he has traitor in his blood.
by Worldwidenames.co.org March 16, 2017

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Nigga finna pull up with a ak in his foreign lambs and bout to take ur girl
Cailien finna take ur bitch in his new whip
by Cailien May 20, 2018

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Tayenne can seem like a nice, amazing, kind person, but after a while of being her "friend", she will hurt you and tear you apart. She at first will act as she cares about your problems and insecurities, but after a while, she stops caring. You find she will become greedy and only care about herself. Tayenne is NOT a good person, though she seems like it. If you try to talk to your depression with her she will say that she has it too. She will make up excuses to not hang out with you and will eventually ignore you in total. Do not become friends with a Tayenne.
Person 1: Tayenne seems like a nice gal!
Person 2: Don't think that! She is truly horrible once you get to know her.
by JiggleHuman November 12, 2018

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A betrayer to maths, f*** off rosella you aren't needed here anymore. I'm better off without you.
Rosella...that girl who left maths behind
by liptime January 11, 2018

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