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A complete tool, a man who thinks he has authority but truly has none. Will lie about his sex life just to seem cooler in front of his peers. Someone you definitely do not want to be.
Bro dont be a Mason Lukas
by jackoff69420 March 06, 2018

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A girl that is out to get you. Thought her happy face, she is a mean, cruel, and vicious person. Soleil may seem generous and sweet, but all she really wants to to have power over you. A Soleil is full of jealousy and only wants to hurt you from the inside. When a Soleil gives you something, it usually is something she doesn’t want, care about, and wanted you to be her charity. Soleil is a complete tool and is a manipulative person. She’ll make you think that you are her best friend and valued. Even though she is just using you, and playing you for fun. If you ever find a Soleil, you should stay away.
That bitch was the worst person I have ever met! Must have been a Soleil.
by Pumpkinpielover2005 March 03, 2019

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