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When someone is able to walk out of a bathroom stall and still look cool.
"You see that twirl he did over by the hand dryer. Made his coat look like a pimp-cape."
He's one Dapper-Crapper."
by GroceryClerk March 02, 2016

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The somewhat inconvenient convenience encountered in developing countries (and tragically, still in some developed ones too): a toilet where there is not much more than a hole in the floor framed by a metal or ceramic slab.

Therefore, for westerners, if one finds oneself in need of a number 2 then some important decisions need to be made regarding lower thigh strength, flexibility, clothing removal logistics and just necessity.
“I wanted to use the toilets at that last service station but they only had crouchers so I decided to hold it in until we get home.”
by Stivchik February 21, 2018

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a toilet or container used for disposing of urine, feces, and toilet paper.
Use the latrine.
I think this latrine smells.
by Billiam Beaver July 18, 2016

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A Bowel Baron is the title given to an appointed friend or relative who receives updates and notifications on the progress of another's stool.
i just dropped a duce, better make sure to notify my bowel baron to make sure i'm running like clockwork.

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when a penis falls in the shit waters that is your toilet. Usually followed by splashback after gopher poking and usually by those blessed like ron jeremy or cory edwards.
I was digusted while on the thinker because of a gandi dip aka gandhi dip.. this toilet was made for little people!
by openInvent March 22, 2017

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A bathroom where one can go #2.
I need to find a defecatorium quick! I need to go!
by Jinxter469 November 17, 2016

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