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A sexual act in which one lathers thier lover's big toe in saliva. They then proceed to sprinkle salt on the big toe so that the salt sticks. Next, one sqeezes a lime in thier mouth and starts sucking on the salty, yummy big toe. This is a Margarita Toe. Bueno!
Bro, I gave Bella a Margarita Toe and I can't go back.
by Lukely March 14, 2019

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A girl with a raging foot fetish that takes over her life
You like toes you might be named Rachel due to your love of taking toes deep into your mouth

Rachel Gagnon- the love to suck toes
by Fuck hoes April 26, 2019

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The man that would suck girls toes
If it’s corey he sucks toes
by Lmgdude May 19, 2019

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