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The overwhelming feeling of dread caused by dropping your piece of toast and seeing it fall on the floor buttered-side-down
*Avraxia drops toast* "Did it...? GODS NO!! IT FELL BUTTER-SIDE-DOWN!!!"
*Silver hears racket* "Avarxia, are you all flutterbutter again??"
by Silver Zoldyck August 29, 2016

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A better name for toast, because toast is to good to be called just "toast"
Toast is needs a better name.
It's too good to just be called "Toast"
It needs to be called something like "Breadapeng"

@JmeBBK Twitter
by d0gMa November 24, 2016

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When you cook a piece of bread making it into a piece of delicious toast on a Lamborghini making it perfectly toasted toast for all of your friends you got from having the Lamborghini.
Rich guy: Yo, do you want to have a dank ass lambotoast with me and my friends
Friend: Yeah sure, can we ride in it too?
Rich guy: Who the fuck do you think this is, A test drive? No you cannot ride in it, this is a motherfuckin lambotoast.
Friend: Ok.
by ITSYABOYSEBASTIAN December 10, 2018

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toast is the best thing ever with some butter on it and some honey on it mixed up together just try it.
i like toast
by Drakekv21 March 09, 2017

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