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Acronym for "vertical video, didn't watch." A way to reject the awful practice of recording video in portrait mode on a phone instead of just turning the damn thing sideways. Inspired by "TLDR" (to long, didn't read).
That video of your cat you posted might be interesting, but VVDW.
by Grizzlybike July 13, 2017

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Acronym, meaning Too Long Didn't Understand
Similar to TLDR
Sister: This meeting was to discuss the rough draft of my essay, where we discussed the subsidiary questions I added in my rough draft. We also discussed the relationship between my main title and the real-life situations I chose to use in my essay. We discussed the structure of my essay as well, specifically the Math AOK section and how it relates to the contradiction of the title. This second meeting was particularly helpful in discussing the implications of my essay claims and how to apply the title across various areas of knowledge. There were many sections of the essay that could have been cut down in wordiness and the ways of knowing required further and more in-depth analysis.

Me: Woah! TLDU!
by L-Evans January 14, 2019

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