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After you deactivate your tinder account because you’re questioning your life decisions, but finally get horny enough that you decide to reactivate.
I kinda hate myself but I am going to continder. Bad dates are better than no dates right??
by Sylie January 14, 2018

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This is A person who is very sad and want to be unique by making up a shitty username
oof tinder chan stop being such a weeb
by TheGaybanana June 02, 2018

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Using ones own dick to swipe right on Tinder.
*person that sucks on Tinder* "Jason is teaching me how dickswiping is properly done so i can bag those hotties"
by Razeman September 04, 2017

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To hook up with someone through Tinder.
I can't believe that she was looking to get tinded by everyone she swiped.
by Paco, the fake name September 21, 2018

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Somehow a common misspelling of Tinder.
I keep meeting ugly af people on tonser
via giphy
by peeeeeeeep August 24, 2017

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