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Someone with a bad receding hairline who looks like a turtle
Shut up Thomas
by Your Mom 1658 March 08, 2017

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bald fattie.
you lookin like a thomas.
via giphy
by thomaoooo December 11, 2018

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a weird but cute male boy who is antisocial when it comes to certain things, goes and hangs out woth his friends by day and by night he’s stuck playing video games, very nice and polite.
Person #1: look at that kid over there, he’s such a Thomas

Person #2: ya sure diggity darn right!
by TheGo@t101 May 07, 2018

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A stupid loser with no friends and spends too much time collecting DVDs of children shows like Gravity Falls or Adventure Time. He likes anime, and whenever he can't find a good anime series, he writes Urban Dictionaries about himself because he's bored.
Thomas: Hi!
Some other person: Screw you, you like anime. Ima spend time with some REAL friends because they play FORTNITE!

Thomas: Oh, okay.
Some other person: NERD!
by / Gnon / October 21, 2018

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An old man with a small willy.
wow he really does have a thomas
by Big daddy dman February 02, 2018

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a great tutor and friend
Thomas Platt sucks.
by mrcbella March 18, 2019

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Means how dumb you can be

also it is a name like (Eliel Thomas)
i m a thomas.
by Daniel Grave March 03, 2019

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