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A word that can be used in any situation. Originated from saying the word thing in an asian accent.
Person 1: Yo what did you get on the math quiz?
Person 2: You like a da TINGUSSS.
by BiloGundlach21 February 14, 2018

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A Scottish way to pronounce “thing” most commonly used by men when they’re telling each other their darkest secrets in private
Man 1: “So tell me, what’s yer hing?”
Man 2: “My hing?”
Man 1: “Aye, yer hing”
Man 2: “Well sometimes I walk around my house for hours on end with my trousers on my arms and my shirt around my legs...”
by Zoidbergsleftclaw January 31, 2018

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Used to refer to someone or some thing s that ones name is forgotten or is better off if not announced family of thingamagig ,cousin to Them and fosho related to they 100% a noun
J.Ralph the Trustedone has a Hoochamagoody as big as yours!
by Trustedone November 30, 2017

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