#the best

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The best person you can hang out with if u go out with her you will be the luckiest person alive
Daphne is such a perfect person
by Xxgekyumexx December 06, 2018

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A very nice girl funny and is good to play with always is smart and thinking if ur looking at this ur the best my sister and mummy
Loida:whats up
Michael N :nothing much sis
by Michael Nwaokorocha February 23, 2017

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ahahahah tyler’s are the absolute best guys out there. they are so sweet and kind. tyler’s are really fucking loyal and they respect you very much unlike most guys a tyler does not only want to fuck you they will give up anything for you and do anything for you tyler’s usually have dark brown hair with the biggest brown eyes and freckles they tend to be muscular and very sexy tyler’s love to cuddle and pull you close most romantic guy out there by far boyfriend material and you should never let him go because he’s so caring and honest
caroline: tyler is so loyal and sweet
julia: omg i know y’all cute as fuck
hannah: ty ty is the best
by clout banger carol July 03, 2018

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Zhen yan is a very successful person. Mostly achieves his dreams and always very helpful towards others. Very cute and handsome man is has a very lovable character.
Zhen yan is such a great man
by Chris hemsworth 21313 June 17, 2018

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The best of the best and no one can beat him at nothing he is the kindest and most best in the whole universe.
he is the khaythen
by khaythen May 24, 2018

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He's the fucking hottest man in the universe. He has a large dick and he's very brave. He's adventurous and hot. Everyone wants to have sex with him. He's just sometimes shy when it comes to speeches. He's the fucking best. He's really cool. Wanna take over the world? Convince Julian and he'll take over the world easily.
Julian is the hottest fucking guy.
Julian is so cool
by Will_Is_The_Best December 22, 2018

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Joshua is a good person to be around when u need someone to care,he is shy but doesn't show it,and can be loyal and know just what to say to a girl to make her smile,he is tall and super funny,never get him mad cuz he fight like a animal and belong to girls who name start with a M
Joshua is a animal in the bed
by Josh36 October 23, 2018

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