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When you send a random generated predictive text. Open the texting app start with a letter and peck the middle suggested word.
WTF bro, why do keep pecker texting me?

ho I am gonna go buy some milk and I'll take the rest out and get knocked off

WTF, knock it off!
by Theycallmebruce September 18, 2018

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Ask me anything

When texting it can be used to keep the conversation going. It also shows that you want the conversation to continue.
1: that's great, AMA?
2: what was the best part of your week?
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by Lil Iz May 14, 2017

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I really don’t give a fuck what you think
Yk Idrgafwyt
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by Abadabadu June 04, 2018

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(Noun) A person who constantly shows as “typing”, illustrated by three floating bubble dots, in iMessage but never actually sends anything to you.
This girl is such a bubble tease. I’ve been waiting for her to type for like 4 hours. She better send me a nude for waiting this long.
by Figa Hunter January 22, 2019

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Is internet slang for I see.
Person 1: That's why I quit my job
Person 2: ic
Person 1: What the frick does that mean?
Person 2: I see
by imthebestlolno December 28, 2018

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