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The method by which a text connects itself to another text.

Transtextuality takes on five different forms: Intertext, Metatext, Paratext, Hypertext and Architext.
According to GĂ©rard Genette transtextuality is "all that sets the text in relationship, whether obvious or concealed, with other texts" and it "covers all aspects of a particular text".
by The Logical Fallacy September 02, 2017

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A text message that has too much thought put into it. The overthought message has a particular focus on structure and wording
He couldn't decide how to word his message back to his friends, he was architexting.
by Bean Pancakes July 03, 2018

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Text abbreviation for where are you at
Hey Jake, wyat?
by pseudonymer101 March 18, 2019

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Text Buffer

When texting a girl goes really well but when you meet face to face it doesn't go as well
Mark and Melinda really hit off until the finally met. All texting was just a text buffer .
by The Dude of the Stupid November 11, 2018

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